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Pastor Ben

Pastor Ben

Ben McLachlan and family joined the fellowship of Bayview Bible Chapel in November 2011 as Pastor.

The son of long time Pastor Steve McLachlan of Trinity Bible Fellowship, Ben has grown up involved in ministry both in and outside the church. He has served as Youth Pastor, Program Director for Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp, facilitated the Youth Leadership Program, and attended and served as a leader in Awana.

"I consider myself very priviledged to be able to devote so much of my time and energy into serving the Lord!" says Ben.

He attended Moody Bible Institute in Spokane while ministering to churches and their youth locally, before accepting a pastorate in Tampico, WA. Returning to Bayview he conveys a sense of ironic joy to be able to minister to the very church that gave him his start at pulpit ministry.

Ben is joined in ministry by his lovely and talented wife Michelle whom, he reports, compensates for his many faults!

Ben and Michelle have three children, Vanessa, Simon, and Jeremiah.